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We offer a range of bespoke training courses for models, pageant queens, corporates and the public. Our experienced team of Postgraduate teachers can deliver vocational and non-vocational courses which will help you to release your full potential. Learn how to represent your business successfully, learn the modelling trade, arrange staff training or take a wellbeing course to improve your overall health and fitness.

Our courses are designed to meet the needs of each specific client and are taught in a latched-on, modular format.

Corporate training courses and staff training:


Looking Good For Your Brand

This course is ideal for company staff training. Employees will learn how to truly represent their company’s brand while improving their visual and oral presentation and media and business networking skills. The experience will also raise the group’s self esteem and confidence and teach them how to manage stress.

How to Survive and Thrive from 9 – 5

Provide your company staff with a wellness boost and witness the profitable results. This course is designed to teach staff how to maintain physical, nutritional and emotional health, wellness and fitness in the workplace. Staff will also experience team building activities which aim to improve business profitability by reducing absenteeism.

Customised courses and training

The Visions training team can create and provide customised courses which focus on your company’s product or service. Ensure your employees are well-versed in your business, its branding and what it has to offer.

Looking Good for Yourself

Learn how to utilise your full potential and be at your very best for yourself, your family and your career. This training course helps to improve your health and fitness and will encourage you to feel fully confident day in, day out. Our experts will also find you a style to suit your colouring and proportions so you can feel self assured and media savvy, always ready to strike the right pose on camera and feel 100% at ease in society.

Fit For Life

This health and fitness course is designed to improve your physical, nutritional and emotional wellbeing. You’ll learn how to improve your postural awareness, cardio vascular fitness, muscular strength and endurance, flexibility and stress management. Experience improved body composition, muscle tone, aerobic fitness and flexibility.

Sales, Marketing & Media Courses

We offer a range of bespoke sales, marketing and media courses which can be delivered as in-house staff training or can be pre-booked for venues, subject to demand.

Pageant Queen Finishing School

The Pageant Queen Finishing School is any aspiring model’s vital introduction into the business. The course teaches everything from fitness and modelling techniques to personal branding and media skills. Click here to view the course curriculum.

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